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Hello God
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In this day and age all of us know that kuch paane ke liye kuch dena bhi padta hain.

So, like we give our teachers a rose on Teacher's Day to get that special attention or give Mom and Dad a hug to get that little toy, we offer prayers to God to get a little happiness and all that we ever dreamed of.

However, it is a proven fact that if you offer prayers to God without expecting anything, it works better and God makes it His business to treat your "I want this…" list as top priority. Apart from all the material things, prayers also help us get a lot of peace of mind, which is the biggest gift one can ever get. And like you make best friends by talking to them everyday in the morning, afternoon, evening and calling up at night to say good bye, call up God four times a day,  and make Him your best buddy! It is a 'Free Call', and never 'Busy' or 'Engaged'!!

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Build up a friendship bridge with your favourite GOD now. Choose from Smart GOD Krishna, Wealthy GODDESS Laxmi, GODDESS of Knowledge & Good Marks - Saraswati or monkey GOD Hanuman, the superman of Universe...

Just click on the Holy Mouse & build a friendship bridge with your favourite GOD....


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