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The Temple and the Deity:

The temple of Lord Vighneshwar is Purvabhimukh, facing the east. It is protected by a stone border from all sides. Standing on this boundary one can see the Lenyadri Mountain where Lord Girijatmaj resides and the Shivneri fort, a historic fort belonging to Shivaji the Maratha King.

At the entrance are two statues of guards who are protect the temple. On entering one can see two overri-s [rooms used for meditation]. The sabhamandap is 20 feet long and in it is a marble statue of the mooshak[a mouse]- Lord Ganesh’s means of conveyance.

All the walls of the temple are covered with attractive and colourful pictures.

In the garbhagriha, the sanctum resides the deity. The deity is also purvabhimukh, facing east and is seated. The eyes of he deity are studded with rubies, a diamond adorns its forehead and its navel is studded with other precious stones. On both sides of the deity are brass statues of Riddhi and Siddhi.