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Grown Ups
Chinmaya Kids, Epics, Ramayana, Ramayan, Ramayana Stories, Ramayan Stories
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Grown Ups

Dear Grown Ups,

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Concept of the site:

Power, strength, shakti are the 'in' words in today's hi-stress environment. Huge amounts of money, time and attention are being spent on cultivation of physical strength, shakti and energy. But no one seems to be paying any attention to 'inner strength', that is so important when it comes to achievements of any kind - be it physical or mental.

For instance, no matter how physically fit you may be, you need perseverance, conviction and focus to come first in a 100-metre race. Or for that matter, just to even to participate in the race. Inner or mental strength is integral to the development of mankind - no matter how old or young you may be. It is for this very purpose of cultivation of mental ability, perseverance and focus that Chinmaya Kids came into being.

It is the first-of-its-kind Indian site that offers mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Chinmaya means knowledge. Chinmaya Kids aims to subtly but firmly ingrain in the child the importance of values, morals and good living, thus turning them into kids of knowledge.

The need for value-based education is reflected time and again in the various surveys conducted by numerous publications and research agencies. The Education Times, Mumbai's portal of learning too, recently carried an article stating the same.

About the site:

Chinmaya Kids comprises a plethora of interactive and fun-learning sections that impart good living concepts and the importance of values in a youthful yet dedicated manner. Sections in the user-friendly site include Prayers, Sanskrit Slokas, Inspiring Stories, Pooja, Bhajans, Games, Activities, Sports, Events, Polls, Balavihar challenge, Brainwave, Amazing Facts etc.

That's not all: The exhaustive site also includes a section where youngsters can maintain their own diary (learning good organizing, documentation and the importance of deadlines) as well as say 'hello' to and even make friends with God through emails. This section also gives the option of sending a friendship band to God as well as sending good thoughts of their best friend God to their friends.

Another great section is Little Hearts that calls upon youngsters to get real and face the challenges posed by the many struggles of life. The section is dedicated to answering questions about the numerous inner struggles and conflicts between the Yin and Yang (good and bad) in one's nature and environment.

What we want from you

We would like your extended support and encouragement towards developing, maintaining and enhancing the site. You may associate with us in these areas -

Creative Support -

  • Includes concepts, visuals, art, voice over, scripting, administration, marketing, or any which one suitable to you. 

Publicity Support -

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  • Spread a word or two about the site

  • Encourage youngsters at home and around to visit the site, update their journal regularly to regularise their life.

  • Click on the image "Tell your friends about me" and email the website newsletter/link to all your friends.


If you would like to publicise to Schools, Bala Vihars, Mission Centres, Chinmaya Vidyalayas, You can download the publicity material like Posters, Leaflets, etc. This material can be printed. Posters can be put up in schools and leaflets can be distributed.

Download the publicity material here

Financial Support -

  • Marketing the site to sponsors

  • Extending financial support (any amount is acceptable) towards child welfare projects, developing, maintaining, enhancing the site.

    Support Us!

What's in it for you?

  • A Brighter Face! A Satisfied Smile! A Happier World!

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Whatever help, in any form, extended by you will be most gratefully accepted by us!
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