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Get Real
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Get Real

Wish that chocolates grew on trees and money on a money-plant? That you could become Superman today or that tomorrow, you would become the smartest kid in your class?

Grow up…

Get Real, will you?!

Well, looks like it's time you learn that chocolates are made in factories, money-plants grow leaves and not money, that Superman exists only in movies and comic books and that you could become the smartest kid in your class… but only if you study hard enough! 

Welcome to GET REAL - a section which tells you that what goes round comes round, and that when you lose, don't lose the lesson…

GET REAL is a place where people aren't afraid of asking questions - however funny they may sound. 

Anything is possible in this crazy world and anyone can do or achieve what they want - they only have to try hard enough!

So if you dream that some day, you'll be as strong as Superman, as intelligent as Einstein, as pretty as Julia Roberts and as famous as Princess Diana....

Hey, before you start laughing and wonder just how in the world could anyone become so strong, intelligent, good-looking and famous all at the same time, we'll have you know that you CAN!

Just don't stop dreaming! The next time someone laughs at your dreams or just because you asked a funny question in class, simply tell them, "GET REAL, will you?"