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Fun Store
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Welcome to the world of Exciting Ideas!

Want to show the world how good you are at PAINTING?
Want to know all about ORIGAMI, but did not know whom to ask?
Crazy about COMICS and want to read more and more of them?
Want to send a birthday CARD to your best friend made all by yourself?
Want the world to see how great your sister is at DRAWING??

You have come to the right place –
Funstore Activities – made just for you!!
We have Drawing, Painting and even Comics! Learn Origami and have fun with paper, thread, scissors and gum! Show all of us your hidden talents, and tell your friends to do so also by sending us your creatives!

As you must have heard hundreds of times – ‘An idle mind is the Devil’s Workshop!’ Explore the Funstore, with so many ACTIVITIES for you that the Devil will have to shut down his workshop and go away for ever!!

We promise you and your friends will never have a dull moment!


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