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15th August   National Anthem | Symbols Of Free India | Freedom Fighters | Quiz | Cards | Message Board

Freedom Freedom Freedom

In the world of free India every one had absolute freedom to do what they wanted, how they wanted, where they wanted. The people could sing and dance and had the freedom to say anything. They were free and happy people.  Then one day, the British from the other side of the world came to visit the free Indian world, which was very rich too. They loved what they saw and decided to stay on in this free India.

Free Indian people did not mind having guests over. First there were few guests, then more came over to share the hospitality. The Indians readily shared their things, took them around, showed them places, made them a part of their own world.

The Indians played by themselves. The British asked the permission to take part in the games. They were allowed to be part of the games. They played by Indian rules. Then slowly and steadily, the British started bullying and dictating their rules. First a few, then many and a day came when the Indians had to play by the British rules.

Now the British made rules for the Indians in their own homes.

1. The Indians were not allowed to play their games on their own.
2. They were also not allowed to play with the British.
3. The Indians were not allowed to travel by first class or sit before the British in the same compartment. 
4. Were not allowed to attend the same schools that the British went to.

5. Not allowed in the restaurants owned by British.
6. The Indians were not allowed to say what they wanted, do what they wanted or go any where without the British permission in their own country.

In their own free Indian world the British went around freely but Indians lost their freedom of speech, thought, deed and play. They became slaves to the British rule. The Indians became a very sad lot.

Then one day, the Indians decided enough is enough. We are not going to be sad any more. We want our free India back. We want to be able to do what we like, play as we like. Indians started holding secret meetings. Started planning ways to throw the British out of India.

People like Sardar Patel, Lokmanya Tilak and many more worked with Mahatma Gandhi and dedicated their lives to the ideals of truth, non violence, love and freedom. Tilak fought for the cause and said "Swaraj (freedom) is my birth right".

With all the efforts of these great people one day the British had to leave for their own homes giving Indians their freedom back. This one day was the 15th August 1947 and now once again the Indians were able to hoist their own tri colour flag on the Red Fort in Delhi.

Just imagine not being able to say, to do what we wished, or go where we liked. How bad would life become! Thanks to all those who love freedom and fought for us. we are now free in our own country once again!. Are they not great? Let us know more about them. 

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15th August   National Anthem | Symbols Of Free India | Fighters | Quiz | Cards | Message Board