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Do you know why Krishna loved sharing his butter with the monkeys?

Krishna is actually Vishnu in the guise of a man.  Remember God comes down to earth wearing different guises. He comes to protect His people.  Well, Vishnu came to earth once before as a man, and that time he was called Shri Ram.  Most of you know the story of the Ramayana.  When Sitaji was kidnapped, it was the monkey army that helped Shri Ram find Sitaji.  Then the monkey army crossed the ocean with Ram and Lakshmana to fight Ravana and win Sitaji back.  The monkeys helped Shri Ram so much, and he loved them for it.

Krishna remembers how the monkeys helped him when he come to earth as Ram.  A good friend remembers the kindnesses of his friends and tries to return the kindness.  Krishna was thus always sharing his butter with the monkeys as his way of saying “thank you for helping me."