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Hello God
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Krishna! Krishna!

Don't we all love him? 
Lets all go to Mathura to see how our Krishna was born! 
But, before we do that lets find out who told the story of Krishna's birth to whom and how did he know about the story. Read on...
Do you know why and how King Parikshit knew about Lord Krishna? 

Let's go to Mathura 
Now let's go back in time about 5,000 years ago to Mathura, the capital city of a Kingdom in Bharat (now called India) where Krishna was born. Mathura was then ruled by a King named Ugrasen. King Ugrasen is a good old king who rules his kingdom wisely, looks after his  very well and sees that there is law and order in the country. . 

So let's go to Mathura and see what happens there!

Say 'Vasudev Vasutam Devam Kamsa Chanu Namardhanam'